Local Stewardship Hubs


What is a Stewardship Hub?

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Local Stewardship Hubs are regional collaborations (or local chapters) of The Stewardship Network: New England.  The Hubs aim to help increase a sense of connection and community among those doing in on-the-ground stewardship and science on conservation land in the region.

Hubs increase communication and resource-sharing among people in a targeted geographic area. Hubs serve as subnetworks on a scale that allows frequent face-to-face interaction and informal conversation. 

Pilot Stewardship Hub in New Hampshire

Southeast NH Hub

What do Hubs do?

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About the "Hub" Concept

To learn more about models for regional conservation collaboratives, check out The Stewardship Network's Clusters Concept, upon which our New England pilot is based.

Local Hubs

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Southeast NH Hub

The Hub helps increase a sense of connection, collaboration and community among those interested in on-the-ground stewardship and study of conservation land in Southeast NH and nearby areas. More

More About Stewardship Hubs

Stewardship Hubs in New England mobilize volunteers and each other to do on-the-ground conservation action and planning and help educate community members in conservation issues and techniques. More