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Garlic Mustard Pesto Recipe

Recipe for pesto made from garlic mustard, a non-native invasive plant found in New Hampshire and other New England states. Full Details
Garlic Mustard Life Cycle

Garlic Mustard Life Cycle

A PDF graphic showing the life cycle of garlic mustard, a non-native invasive plant. Full Details

Garlic Mustard Challenge in New England - Fact Sheet

A fact sheet about identification, conservation issues, control, and and disposal of garlic mustard in New England. Full Details
Garlic mustard bookmark

Garlic Mustard Bookmark

Printable bookmark to help ID garlic mustard, produced by the Hanover, NH Biodiversity Committee Full Details

An online resource for learning about and reporting sightings of invasive, non-native forest pests in New Hampshire. Full Details
Oriental Bittersweet

NH Invasives Resources

A compilation of web and online resources to help with invasive plants and insect identification, control, and management for New Hampshire. Full Details