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5 Signs Your Favorite Trail is Well-Cared-For

Published Dec 14, 2015
Look for these signs of the unsung trail heroes who steward our pathways through fields and forests. More

News from the Field: A Day with the Coastal Research Volunteers

Published Nov 23, 2015
Could I be a citizen scientist? A newbie spends the morning with the Coastal Research Volunteers and gets a taste for what citizen science is all about. More

Kids, Community Oust Invasive Plants & Learn Meaning of Stewardship

Published Oct 29, 2015
Students and community members from Durham and the Oyster River School District combined stewardship efforts in Beard's Creek this fall. More

Fish Survey: Adventures in Citizen Science at Lubberland Creek

Published Oct 26, 2015
A mammal-enthusiast spends the day helping to research fish for a stream in need More

Nature-Based Volunteering: What Gives?

Published Oct 5, 2015
Why do people volunteer for the environment? We're asking people who help at workdays, and learning what motivates people to give back. More

Beach Blitz Volunteers Provide a Water Quality Snapshot of New Hampshire Beaches

Published Sep 8, 2015
New Hampshire’s beautiful and highly rated 13 mile slice of the Atlantic coast is a popular vacation destination in New England. So how clean are its coastal beaches? More

Pod-Picking Day: Removing Black Swallowwort from an Iconic Maine Trail

Published Aug 24, 2015
How to mobilize a neighborhood to tackle an aggressive invasive plant More

Strictly Professional at Southeast Land Trust

Published Aug 9, 2015
Working with Phil Auger at the Southeast Land Trust of New Hampshire More

Following the Tracks: One Bear-Paw at a Time

Published Aug 7, 2015
“I’m lost.” Those words rang through my head time after time as I checked the compass and its bearings for the umpteenth time. My hands covered in dirt, cuts stretching up my arms, and my body sweating like I just took a shower I look at the map again to try and decipher where exactly I am in these ninety-four acres of forest surrounded by another 10,000 acres of state park forest. More

34 Saves So Far by Lake Hosts!

Published Aug 3, 2015
New Hampshire Lake Hosts continue to defend lakes from harmful invasive species More