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One of the Crew

Published Jul 30, 2014
Network Intern Jo Lewis spent two weeks with the UNH Office of Woodlands and Natural Areas summer crew doing a variety of projects, including forest inventory, building bridges, and marking lots of trees. More

Fifty People Gather for a Garlic Mustard Muster

Published Jul 25, 2014
In late April, 50 people from 14 towns assembled at the Howe Library in Hanover, NH for a Garlic Mustard Muster. More

Getting Bitter (Sweet)

Published Jul 16, 2014
Network intern Jo Lewis spent two weeks with the New Castle Conservation Commission eradicating invasive plants and creating outreach documents. More

A Day at the Docks with Baby Oysters

Published Jul 11, 2014
Oyster restoration in Great Bay was helped by volunteer oyster-counters all this week. Network intern Lisa Demaine tells what she learned on a day at the docks. More

For the Birds

Published Jul 7, 2014
Network intern Jo Lewis spent a week on the Isles of Shoals to assist in tern research with the UNH Cooperative Extension. More

4-H Lends a Hand or 80

Published Jun 30, 2014
Forty 4-H teens from across the state helped tackle the glossy buckthorn invasion of UNH’s College Woods as part of the annual NH 4-H Teen Conference. More

Sanborn Sophomores Tackle Invasives in Kingston Town Forest

Published Jun 26, 2014
A dense stand of invasive plants is intimidating. And so are 150 high school students armed with clippers, weed-wrenches, and work gloves. More

Lending a Hand to a Land Trust

Published Jun 18, 2014
Network intern Jo Lewis spent her first week with the Property Manager of Southeast Land Trust of New Hampshire maintaining conserved properties. More

Eels, Interrupted

Published Jun 15, 2014
Citizen scientist volunteers have been posted at rivers around Great Bay every weekday between May and July to count the numbers and health of the glass eel population. More

Meet Jo, our Summer Intern

Published Jun 10, 2014
The Stewardship Network: New England has an intern working with five different conservation partners this summer. More